Kwara Govt reclaim Ubandawaki dispensary converted to PDP secretariat

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Kwara State Government has restored the dispensary in Ubandawaki Ward of Ilorin West Local government to its old status amid ongoing efforts to rebuild and re-equip the facility for public use, many years after the public facility was converted to a secretariat of the then ruling PDP in the area.

The dispensary was one of the health facilities that were constructed across the state by the late Admiral Muhammed Lawal in 2003. However, it ceased to serve the purpose when the government of Senator Bukola Saraki gifted it to the PDP as its secretariat as part of its anti-Lawal policy.

“Today, this facility has regained its status and the government has now directed that it should be renovated and be used for its original purpose. The whole world was shocked when politicians converted this health facility to their secretariat but nobody could challenge the impunity. We thank God for a new dawn,” Dr. Mohammed Ghali Alaya, who led a government team to inspect the facility, said.

He was accompanied during the inspection by Alhaji Abdulrasaq Jiddah.

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